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Raster aggregates


Introduction: Returns a raster containing bands by specified indexes from all rasters in the provided column. Extracts the first bands from each raster and combines them into the output raster based on the input index values.


RS_Union_Aggr can take multiple banded rasters as input but it would only extract the first band to the resulting raster. RS_Union_Aggr expects the following input, if not satisfied then will throw an IllegalArgumentException:

  • Indexes to be in an arithmetic sequence without any gaps.
  • Indexes to be unique and not repeated.
  • Rasters should be of the same shape.

Format: RS_Union_Aggr(A: rasterColumn, B: indexColumn)

Since: v1.5.1

SQL Example

Contents of raster_table.

|                        raster|index|
|GridCoverage2D["geotiff_cov...|    1|
|GridCoverage2D["geotiff_cov...|    2|
|GridCoverage2D["geotiff_cov...|    3|
|GridCoverage2D["geotiff_cov...|    4|
|GridCoverage2D["geotiff_cov...|    5|
SELECT RS_Union_Aggr(raster, index) FROM raster_table


This output raster contains the first band of each raster in the raster_table at specified index.

GridCoverage2D["geotiff_coverage", GeneralEnvel...