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SedonaSQL supports SQL/MM Part3 Spatial SQL Standard. Please read the programming guide: Sedona with Flink SQL app.

Sedona includes SQL operators as follows.

  • Constructor: Construct a Geometry given an input string or coordinates
    • Example: ST_GeomFromWKT (string). Create a Geometry from a WKT String.
  • Function: Execute a function on the given column or columns
    • Example: ST_Distance (A, B). Given two Geometry A and B, return the Euclidean distance of A and B.
  • Aggregator: Return a single aggregated value on the given column
    • Example: ST_Envelope_Aggr (Geometry column). Given a Geometry column, calculate the entire envelope boundary of this column.
  • Predicate: Execute a logic judgement on the given columns and return true or false
    • Example: ST_Contains (A, B). Check if A fully contains B. Return "True" if yes, else return "False".

Last update: August 23, 2022 07:00:36