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Install GeoSpark-Zeppelin


Known issue: due to an issue in Leaflet JS, GeoSpark-core can only plot each geometry (point, line string and polygon) as a point on Zeppelin map. To enjoy the scalable and full-fleged visualization, please use GeoSparkViz to plot scatter plots and heat maps on Zeppelin map.


Apache Spark 2.1+

Apache Zeppelin 0.8.1+

GeoSpark 1.2.0+: GeoSpark-core, GeoSpark-SQL, GeoSpark-Viz



You only need to do Step 1 and 2 only if you cannot see GeoSpark-Zeppelin in Zeppelin Helium package list.

Create Helium folder (optional)

Create a folder called helium in Zeppelin root folder.

Add GeoSpark-Zeppelin description (optional)

Create a file called geospark-zeppelin.json in this folder and put the following content in this file. You need to change the artifact path!

  "type": "VISUALIZATION",
  "name": "geospark-zeppelin",
  "description": "Zeppelin visualization support for GeoSpark",
  "artifact": "/Absolute/Path/GeoSpark/geospark-zeppelin",
  "license": "BSD-2-Clause",
  "icon": "<i class='fa fa-globe'></i>"

Enable GeoSpark-Zeppelin

Restart Zeppelin then open Zeppelin Helium interface and enable GeoSpark-Zeppelin.

Enable Package

Add GeoSpark dependencies in Zeppelin Spark Interpreter


Visualize GeoSparkSQL results


Display GeoSparkViz results


Now, you are good to go! Please read GeoSpark-Zeppelin tutorial for a hands-on tutorial.

Last update: September 15, 2020 23:40:05