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Compile GeoSpark

Some GeoSpark hackers may want to change some source code to fit in their own scenarios. To compile GeoSpark source code, you first need to download GeoSpark source code:

Compile the source code

GeoSpark is a a project with three modules, core, sql, and viz. Each module is a Scala/Java mixed project which is managed by Apache Maven 3.

  • Make sure your machine has Java 1.8 and Apache Maven 3.

To compile all modules, please make sure you are in the root folder of three modules. Then enter the following command in the terminal:

mvn clean install -DskipTests
This command will first delete the old binary files and compile all three modules. This compilation will skip the unit tests of GeoSpark.

To compile a module of GeoSpark, please make sure you are in the folder of that module. Then enter the same command.

To run unit tests, just simply remove -DskipTests option. The command is like this:

mvn clean install


The unit tests of all three modules may take up to 30 minutes.

Compile the documentation

The source code of GeoSpark documentation website is written in Markdown and then compiled by MkDocs. The website is built upon Material for MkDocs template.

In GeoSpark repository, MkDocs configuration file mkdocs.yml is in the root folder and all documentation source code is in docs folder.

To compile the source code and test the website on your local machine, please read MkDocs Tutorial and Materials for MkDocs Tutorial.

After installing MkDocs and MkDocs-Material, run the command in GeoSpark root folder:

mkdocs serve

Last update: September 15, 2020 23:40:05