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Sedona modules

Name API Introduction
Core RDD SpatialRDDs and Query Operators.
SQL SQL/DataFrame SQL interfaces for Sedona core.
Viz RDD, SQL/DataFrame Visualization for Spatial RDD and DataFrame
Zeppelin Apache Zeppelin Plugin for Apache Zeppelin 0.8.1+


  • Spatial RDD
  • Spatial DataFrame/SQL
  • Vector geometries / trajectories
  • Raster images with Map Algebra
  • Various input formats: CSV, TSV, WKT, WKB, GeoJSON, Shapefile, GeoTIFF, NetCDF/HDF
  • Spatial query: range query, range join query, distance join query, K Nearest Neighbor query
  • Spatial index: R-Tree, Quad-Tree
  • Coordinate Reference System / Spatial Reference System Transformation
  • High resolution map generation: Visualize Spatial DataFrame/RDD
  • Apache Zeppelin integration
  • Support Scala, Java, Python, R

Last update: November 22, 2021 22:53:29
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