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Sedona has received numerous help from the community. This page lists the contributors and committers of Apache Sedona. People on this page are ordered by their last name.


A committer has the write access to Sedona main repository and is in charge at least a major component of this project.

Name Affiliation Apache id
Paweł Kociński
Netanel Malka Sela Group
Mohamed Sarwat Arizona State University
Jinxuan Wu Bloomberg
Jia Yu Washington State University
Zongsi Zhang GrabTaxi


Mentors from Apache Incubator help the project to turn into a good shape following the "Apache" way. Thank you, mentors!

Name Apache id
Felix Cheung
Von Gosling
Jean-Baptiste Onofré
George Percivall

Last update: September 15, 2020 16:40:05
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